Oh dear…..


I have neglected this blog shamefully :-(.

But well things have been rough at day job and I just try to figure a way out that I can get all things I want to do done.

Have been reading some blogs about writing which were quite helpful and which are:

Falling for Fiction

Susan Kiernan-Lewis Living a Passionate Life

Writers Write Creative Blog

Nick Daw’s Writing Blog

Claire J Deboer Author & Professional Writer

Kirsten Lamb’s Blog

Adventures in YA & Children’s Publishing

Seeking the Write Life

So no wonder I have neglected this blog ;-).

I have also read some wonderful books:

First of all the wonderful 1. Book of “The Hunger Games” Trilogy. I was a bit disappointed in the beginning but got through and thoroughly enjoyed the rest.

Then a German Classic “Castle Gripsholm” in the German version. It was written by Kurt Tucholsky a German Author in Nazi Germany who passionately wrote against fascism which of course did not do him well. This story is supposed to be just a little summer story but if you can read between the lines there is so much more.

I have to admit I love children’s books and my partners children made me aware of the gorgeous Warrior Cat’s Series by Erin Hunter. It is just nice to read something “easy” now and then. It gives me the chance to just enjoy.

Blimey I was busy reading. There was also “Luis” from Derek Haines which really gripped me even though I have no idea why. It’s the story about a spy which starts before WW2 and shows his life up to the 1970’s or 80’s. That was really interesting and somehow not at all like James Bond 🙂 (Sorry Derek….).

And then a little book about how to write good poetry but I can’t find the title any more.

Then I got “The Kite Runner” by Khaled Hosseini which is really exciting as it gives some insight into the life in a country (Afghanistan) which has been secluded for so long or just in the news for wars.

Well my reading list on the Kindle is still 73 Books full besides “The Kite Runner” and I am still 7 books behind my Goodreads goal for 2012 so I better get off here and get reading…… and writing later on :-).





2 thoughts on “Oh dear…..

  1. Definitely lived up to the hype. I could not take it down but was so sad that the boy was so disappointed in the end. Would like to know how it went on for him 🙂

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