Last week I sat with a co-worker and as she has come back to our shop after working somewhere else, I asked her if she wanted to stay or what she has planned. She told me she is writing a historic novel and poetry and we got talking about writing. She told me she is a member of WritersCafe.org but has not spent a lot of time there lately as she is studying at the OpenUniversity as well (I have no idea when that girl is sleeping: 39 H work per week, 39 H studies, writing a novel and extra work in a museum…… how lazy am I really??????!).

As I got curious what she is writing and about that site as well I signed up and got positively surprised. You can publish your own writing in several topics and you actually get feedback pretty fast. I signed up on Tuesday and already have two reviews.

WritersCafe.org offers a forum, courses, contests, your own blog, groups and help to publish your works. It seems to me to be a place where writing is taken serious but without being overly competitive. It is definitely worth a visit.

My profile is here: http://www.writerscafe.org/Phoenixrise



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