Kirsten Lamb said it before and I want to repeat it: “Today is an amazing time for artists!”

The internet and social media has changed the possibilities artists have enormously. Besides all the old routes of publishing with a traditional publishing house or showing your paintings in an exhibition you can self-publish e-books or blogs or just show your art on YouTube.

Of course there are those who bemoan the “good olden times” when everything was so much better but let’s be honest: All times have their good and their bad sides.

Just yesterday I was thinking about the 80’s when I was a teenager without a pc and a worldwide connection to other artists and writers. We still wrote letters by hand of course to other countries but it needed at least a week until the letter arrived and then another to receive one back. If you lived in the country there were hardly any poetry slams or other creative projects available. You were lucky if there was a theatre group travelling and bringing some classic to your village.

I suspect those who miss those times are those who had a lot of power in the artistic circles way back then but losing it now as everyone can publish their products in the blink of an eye. Of course you can discuss the quality of those publications but as far as I can see most artists want to improve their work and learn so much via Twitter, blogs and all the other opportunities you have today. And artists are a sharing bunch. They do not hide with advice and support. There has not been any other time where you could learn so much.

I also suspect that we are living through a change as big as the invention of the book print. This is exciting! This is brilliant!

My hope is that this change means that money and making money becomes a lot less desirable but your own development be it in an artistic, spiritual or any other non-monetary way. In my opinion the latest revolutions, riots and protests around the world show that this  paradigm-change is already taking place.

My hope is also that artists of all shades take the possibility to shape our future to be a more fair, peaceful and healing one.

Let’s go and shape!






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