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Have you ever heard of




You are so missing out!!!!!!! is a page dedicated to words in all their forms. They educate about the meanings and origins of words with a daily newsletter but you can also see it online at A Word A Day. The New York Times calls this newsletter: “The most welcomed, most enduring piece of daily mass e-mail in cyberspace.” ~ no doubt this is something to reckon with ;-).


The A Word A Day Collection is published in two books so far that you can find on Wordsmith Books. And if you are an Anagram lover do not ignore the Anagram Server. They offer many other services which are valuable but just go and have a look for yourself:!


I found out about them via Rachel Hoyt’s Rhyme Me A Smile Blog. Rachel is a fan since a long time and she definitely gave me the bug. It is interesting to find out where certain words or expressions come from as well as learning how the meanings have changed at times. I do not always have time to read them but I keep them and then have a “word~ party”.


It also increases my vocabulary enormously. Well are real educational wordsmith :-).




This is a picture of author Anu Garg, provided...

This is a picture of author Anu Garg, provided by the Voice of America Wordmaster column. As a work of the US federal government, it is public domain (see Terms of Use of the website.) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)





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