International Day of Senseless Tweets or short #idost

Monday mornings are a strange time: You want the weekend back no matter how much coffee you consume but it just does not work this way ;-).

That was exactly the mood I was in this morning so I started writing silly tweets like:

“…. today I follow the ancient art of “I can’t be bothered” ~ so just leave me alone!…..”


“… breakfast or not to breakfast this is not the question…..”.

That actually raised my mood enormously which made me feel the urge to declare the

“International Day of Senseless Tweets” or short #idost

I think the worldwide online community needs some cheering up now and then and it is soooooooooooo creative ;-).

So today I invite YOU to take part in our first #internationaldayofsenselesstweets or short #idost on your Twitter account.

Please feel free to add as many senseless tweets with the hashtag #idost or #internationaldayofsenselesstweets as you like and maybe ~

maybe we can make a hashtag trend :-).

You can also just tweet the following

“Please play with me :-): Tweet a senseless tweet with the # #internationaldayofsenselesstweets or #idost. Thanks for having fun!”

and invite all your followers to do the work ;-).

There is nothing to win ~ I know 😦 but it’s great fun and it might give you some brilliant inspiration!

I can’t wait to find out what comes from it :-)!


One thought on “International Day of Senseless Tweets or short #idost

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