Do you work with #writingprompts ?


As you might know I am bi-lingual (German/English) and I write in both languages. In May I found a wonderful lady on Twitter who has dedicated her blog to writing a poem daily two months a year (May & November). She gives a prompt every day in those months and you can get creative with those.

I liked that idea so much that I adopted it for once a week the whole year. It is called #MondayPrompt and you can either just use it for yourself or connect your poem with my poetry blog. So far no one has added anything on the English blog and only once on the German blog. Well, maybe of course my prompts are crap ~ who knows?????! 🙂

To be fair I have never worked a lot with prompts but recently I found it very helpful with writing poetry.

But the whole thing has made me wonder if other writers do work with writing prompt or are those just a gadget to play around?

What do you think? Do you use writing prompts? Do provide them maybe?

Would be lovely to hear from you!!!!




7 thoughts on “Do you work with #writingprompts ?

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