Let’s play (#amwriting)

I need guidance.

That is why I have started to use an angel oracle at the beginning of the month to have a celestial teacher at my side. It is August and for this month it is the Angel of Play who came at my side (if you are not spiritual just leave your critical voice out and follow the idea of playing 🙂 ).

Many years ago when I was reading Julia Cameron‘s “The right to write” the only thing that really stuck in my head was her opinion that good art can only be created when not being serious and adult but playing around and be connected with your inner child. She advises and exercise to give yourself time to play at least once a week. Play does not necessarily mean to go to the swings and swing (but you can if you want to, REALLY, I allow you too 😉 ). It can be anything you enjoy doing and loved to do as a child.

Many years of trying to write has taught me: She is right!

The day I start getting to serious about my writing I start to dry out and writers block is inevitable. Sometimes I remember to play and all is well. Sometimes I don’t. Lately I have realised that Instagram and taking pictures are my way of playing.

So for this week (or  month if you prefer) I invite you to play with the Angel of play and yours and mine inner child :-).

Come on ~ let’s play!


August (Photo credit: randihausken)




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