What happened in my #blogs #amwriting


Here is a short overview of what happened in my blogs lately:

Phoenixrises again: Not funny ;-)/Nicht lustig 😉

Phoenix’ Stories and Poems: That was lucky #MondayPrompt

Phoenix’ Geschichten und Gedichte: Schwein gehabt

My digital camera and me: Noerdlingen ~ a little romantic corner….

Morsmart at the end of the galaxy: What happened in August 2012

Hope you all have a lovely weekend!





Short one today

Today is somehow strange.


Day job was short as we had a power cut and there was nothing left to do. So I came home but could not get myself around to get into writing directly. Tomorrow I will do the left hours from today which I agreed to as I hate it to stay at work when there is nothing really to do while knowing the other day will be mental. That one is sorted.

But being away for a week has given me some time to think about where I want to go and I realized that I am not really happy with my blogging schedule. I love to blog you know that by now but I would rather concentrate on more quality than quantity. So for the x-time in the last two years I will change my schedule again. Seems  I have to try out as long as I can find a way that I want and can live with.

Well, I’ll let you know 🙂



Writing with pen and paper II.

Well, I would have loved to write with pen and paper and it did start great on the ferry to the continent. Had two hours and spent most of them writing but that was really it.

Firstly it was so hot you could hardly move which dried out my brain and consequently my creativity and secondly I was so busy helping my gran and spending time with my family that there was none left for writing.

Don’t get me wrong I enjoyed that thoroughly but I missed writing though. Was reading Virginia Woolf’s lectures “A room of ones own” and experienced in reality how true it is that you need a space for yourself and time for yourself to be creative.

That is maybe the best input I got for my creative work: my thoughts about feminism and todays female artists.

Are we still fighting with the same problems like the creative ladies of times gone by?

Do we have the same freedoms as male artists have?

Is it really a question of gender or is it a question of how society sees and treats art?

Had a discussion on Twitter with a very conservative feminist lady a few weeks ago who said something: women bear children that is why they are more peacefull and try to protect more and men are violent which makes women victims. Men have to change then everything will be ok.

That seemed to be a much too simple explanation to me and it made me think ever since. Things are not that simple especially not when humans are involved.

I will go on thinking and see what comes from it.



Just a little one today :-).

Before we went for our holidays I was not sure if I wanted a blogging break or if I wanted to let them go on. Both my blogging plattforms have a scheduling function but it means to write double the time before you go away. Well, I have managed it and it was real fun. Blogging is really it :-)!


Daily Writing Tips

Are you up for some education in grammar, spelling ect but not willing to do a course may it be off- or on-line? Then the Daily Writing Tips homepage is for you.

They give daily tips on writing which you can receive as a newsletter. Their tips reach from business writing to freelance writing, from grammar to misused words and spelling. A page you do not want to miss!



Writing with pen and paper ~ really?????!

I admit it:

I am not here!!!!


You might ask.


Well, I am off to Germany on my holiday but as I just love to write I won’t stay without. My plan and project is to write with pen and paper which I still do on occasion. (I am coming out NOW 🙂 I grew up in the times of typewriters and phones that had a cable and a receiver!!!!)

As we are going to visit my granny I will use the time anyway to get some notes on her stories about her life and how it was when she was young. Can’t wait to get writing. Right now she tells me on the phone but it is not the same like when you sit face to face.

Travelling always inspires me for some poetry and I hope to get some nice ideas for all of my blogs. Travelling last year did exactly that but I lost my list with ideas. Well blessed be the organised.

Please stay tuned ~ I’ll keep you updated on the results when I am back :-).






Kirsten Lamb said it before and I want to repeat it: “Today is an amazing time for artists!”

The internet and social media has changed the possibilities artists have enormously. Besides all the old routes of publishing with a traditional publishing house or showing your paintings in an exhibition you can self-publish e-books or blogs or just show your art on YouTube.

Of course there are those who bemoan the “good olden times” when everything was so much better but let’s be honest: All times have their good and their bad sides.

Just yesterday I was thinking about the 80’s when I was a teenager without a pc and a worldwide connection to other artists and writers. We still wrote letters by hand of course to other countries but it needed at least a week until the letter arrived and then another to receive one back. If you lived in the country there were hardly any poetry slams or other creative projects available. You were lucky if there was a theatre group travelling and bringing some classic to your village.

I suspect those who miss those times are those who had a lot of power in the artistic circles way back then but losing it now as everyone can publish their products in the blink of an eye. Of course you can discuss the quality of those publications but as far as I can see most artists want to improve their work and learn so much via Twitter, blogs and all the other opportunities you have today. And artists are a sharing bunch. They do not hide with advice and support. There has not been any other time where you could learn so much.

I also suspect that we are living through a change as big as the invention of the book print. This is exciting! This is brilliant!

My hope is that this change means that money and making money becomes a lot less desirable but your own development be it in an artistic, spiritual or any other non-monetary way. In my opinion the latest revolutions, riots and protests around the world show that this  paradigm-change is already taking place.

My hope is also that artists of all shades take the possibility to shape our future to be a more fair, peaceful and healing one.

Let’s go and shape!





educational wordsmith


Have you ever heard of Wordsmith.org?




You are so missing out!!!!!!!


Wordsmith.org is a page dedicated to words in all their forms. They educate about the meanings and origins of words with a daily newsletter but you can also see it online at A Word A Day. The New York Times calls this newsletter: “The most welcomed, most enduring piece of daily mass e-mail in cyberspace.” ~ no doubt this is something to reckon with ;-).


The A Word A Day Collection is published in two books so far that you can find on Wordsmith Books. And if you are an Anagram lover do not ignore the Anagram Server. They offer many other services which are valuable but just go and have a look for yourself: Wordsmith.org!


I found out about them via Rachel Hoyt’s Rhyme Me A Smile Blog. Rachel is a fan since a long time and she definitely gave me the bug. It is interesting to find out where certain words or expressions come from as well as learning how the meanings have changed at times. I do not always have time to read them but I keep them and then have a “word~ party”.


It also increases my vocabulary enormously. Well are real educational wordsmith :-).




This is a picture of author Anu Garg, provided...

This is a picture of author Anu Garg, provided by the Voice of America Wordmaster column. As a work of the US federal government, it is public domain (see Terms of Use of the website.) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)




International Day of Senseless Tweets or short #idost

Monday mornings are a strange time: You want the weekend back no matter how much coffee you consume but it just does not work this way ;-).

That was exactly the mood I was in this morning so I started writing silly tweets like:

“…. today I follow the ancient art of “I can’t be bothered” ~ so just leave me alone!…..”


“…..to breakfast or not to breakfast this is not the question…..”.

That actually raised my mood enormously which made me feel the urge to declare the

“International Day of Senseless Tweets” or short #idost

I think the worldwide online community needs some cheering up now and then and it is soooooooooooo creative ;-).

So today I invite YOU to take part in our first #internationaldayofsenselesstweets or short #idost on your Twitter account.

Please feel free to add as many senseless tweets with the hashtag #idost or #internationaldayofsenselesstweets as you like and maybe ~

maybe we can make a hashtag trend :-).

You can also just tweet the following

“Please play with me :-): Tweet a senseless tweet with the # #internationaldayofsenselesstweets or #idost. Thanks for having fun!”

and invite all your followers to do the work ;-).

There is nothing to win ~ I know 😦 but it’s great fun and it might give you some brilliant inspiration!

I can’t wait to find out what comes from it :-)!

Do you work with #writingprompts ?


As you might know I am bi-lingual (German/English) and I write in both languages. In May I found a wonderful lady on Twitter who has dedicated her blog to writing a poem daily two months a year (May & November). She gives a prompt every day in those months and you can get creative with those.

I liked that idea so much that I adopted it for once a week the whole year. It is called #MondayPrompt and you can either just use it for yourself or connect your poem with my poetry blog. So far no one has added anything on the English blog and only once on the German blog. Well, maybe of course my prompts are crap ~ who knows?????! 🙂

To be fair I have never worked a lot with prompts but recently I found it very helpful with writing poetry.

But the whole thing has made me wonder if other writers do work with writing prompt or are those just a gadget to play around?

What do you think? Do you use writing prompts? Do provide them maybe?

Would be lovely to hear from you!!!!