Writer’s resources

The open directory project has an amazing list of pages and blogs with resources for writers.

You can find it on FAQ’s, Help and Tutorials :

It is so long you can use a life~ time to explore but I want to introduce two today:

UCP What do Publisher’s do? is a page by the University of Chicago Press and shows an excerpt of William Germano’s book “Getting it published”. It explains all the many types of publishers there are out there and definitely gives you an idea of who you will have to deal with if you want your writing published.

Also Erica Jong page is in the list. She is an author who has published 21 books and numerous articles for The New York Times, Elle, The Sunday Times of London ect. She has helped to create awareness of feminist topics and gives advice on her blog on the Huffington Post and on her page about writing.

There are some pages on that list which are overflowing with adverts which I found really irritating but if you can look through that and explore the whole list you will find some gems that will help you along on your way of being a writer.



2 thoughts on “Writer’s resources

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  2. Pingback: Laura Watts: 5 Lessons I Learned from a NYT Best-Selling Author

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