Awww I am back….

Ah at last I am back. My tendons are still not ok but I just can not keep from blogging ~ a week was much too long any way.

So what are my plans for this week writing wise?

I have reorganised my blogging schedule to give my wrist much-needed rest (and well myself as well 🙂 ) …. you will find out about that.

Got a bit of a writers block with Morsmart which annoyed me highly. I really like that little story of mine even though it is not the most sophisticated one. It’s fun that’s what it is all about.

Poetry wise I have chosen a visual #MondayPrompt this week which I will introduce to you tomorrow. The German version is gone life today. Well, and I want to get back into Zara of course. Had a bit of a backlash there as well but I guess that was just because I took much too much on.

So that is where I stand this week. Hope all of you are ok and will find loads of inspiration!!!


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