Some encouragement

Sometimes little things can motivate you without end.

A co-worker of mine is reading “Morsmart ~ at the end of the Galaxy”  on a regular basis and said to me today: ” You know what? The story you are writing on the net? I am printing it out and make it into a book!”

What else do you need as encouragement to go on writing?

Writer’s resources

The open directory project has an amazing list of pages and blogs with resources for writers.

You can find it on FAQ’s, Help and Tutorials :

It is so long you can use a life~ time to explore but I want to introduce two today:

UCP What do Publisher’s do? is a page by the University of Chicago Press and shows an excerpt of William Germano’s book “Getting it published”. It explains all the many types of publishers there are out there and definitely gives you an idea of who you will have to deal with if you want your writing published.

Also Erica Jong page is in the list. She is an author who has published 21 books and numerous articles for The New York Times, Elle, The Sunday Times of London ect. She has helped to create awareness of feminist topics and gives advice on her blog on the Huffington Post and on her page about writing.

There are some pages on that list which are overflowing with adverts which I found really irritating but if you can look through that and explore the whole list you will find some gems that will help you along on your way of being a writer.


R.I.P Zara

Have been thinking about my life and where I want to go with it this morning while I went to the allotment. Walking processes a lot and nature has always been kind of clearing my mind.

Writing is important and I love it but I think my Zara project has to come to an end. Why?

20 years and I haven’t gone anywhere with it. Yes I know you should never give up on your dreams but to be honest:

I love writing poetry!

I love blogging!

I like writing a novel!

There you go the short forms are what I enjoyed mainly and I think I am good with them. Well, of course I have to improve in many areas but that is the challenge and the fun of it. The day I give up improving will be a sad day and I will be old.

And you know what?

As soon as I decided on giving Zara up I felt so much better. Maybe I was meant to write a “Lord of the Rings“~style fantasy novel with mainly female characters but it was always somehow guilt-ridden. I always had to push myself to do it while all the other projects come much more naturally. Well, then let her go and enjoy the rest :-).

Writers block?

Do you know that too?

You have loads of ideas, are motivated to get on with your writing but somehow do not get on with it?

Since a few weeks I feel like this. I do not even read anymore and am 8 Books or so behind my Goodreads goal for this year.

Well work definitely does not help but what can you do?

So how do you get yourself on track? How do you get your muses work again? Or do you just wait it out?

Just a short old one today:

Zara ~ a writing odyssey


I set up a page where I keep some links for free resources for the writer to be. Today I thought I might post them as well as they might help one or the other of you. It’s not an awful lot but some might be interesting.

So here they are! Have fun:


Randy Ingermanson’s Snowflake Method            He explains his way of writing a novel, you can get free newsletter about advanced fiction writing and a free email-course about “how to publish a book”

Open University, Open Learn, Start writing fiction A free introduction by the Open University on writing fiction

BBC Archives ~ Interviews mit 20th Century writers brilliant page with Interviews as early as the 1930′s

BBC Writersroom Tips on writing and the possibility to send in unsolicited scripts for films, shows ect

Writing fiction on everything from finding…

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Gimme some #hashtags!

I have been reading a lot since last year about how to attract more readers to your blog or how to advertise for your story, book ect. Social media of course comes up a lot and I have been frolicking around Facebook, Twitter, WANAtribe, Stumbleupon ect.


But what has proven the most effective for my blogs and me is Twitter and the famous #hashtags. I was following the #amwriting hashtag and there was one article posted about #hashtags for writers and I was really surprised how  many are there:

Apparently there are 44 an author should know: 44 Essential Hashtags an Author should know

Besides #amwriting there are #amediting, #WordCount, #WritingTip ect. What do they do? If you are looking for interesting tweets about writing, want to get a writing prompt or find something good to read you can key in those hashtags in the search app at twitter and you get all the tweets that are live with these themes. I can not tell you how many interesting articles I have found there, how many writing tips and how many prompts.

Well, if you do not know about them already. Just go to 44 Essential Hashtags an Author should know and try them out!


Awww I am back….

Ah at last I am back. My tendons are still not ok but I just can not keep from blogging ~ a week was much too long any way.

So what are my plans for this week writing wise?

I have reorganised my blogging schedule to give my wrist much-needed rest (and well myself as well 🙂 ) …. you will find out about that.

Got a bit of a writers block with Morsmart which annoyed me highly. I really like that little story of mine even though it is not the most sophisticated one. It’s fun that’s what it is all about.

Poetry wise I have chosen a visual #MondayPrompt this week which I will introduce to you tomorrow. The German version is gone life today. Well, and I want to get back into Zara of course. Had a bit of a backlash there as well but I guess that was just because I took much too much on.

So that is where I stand this week. Hope all of you are ok and will find loads of inspiration!!!

Do you need a sidekick for your creativity? (#amwriting)

Lately I have realised that a lot of my poems are inspired by music. Somehow music does stir some muse in myself and keeps me writing. I have also realised that I can relax a lot when taking photographs so when I really can not get into writing I just get my mobile or camera and play around.

That is why I started to wonder if you need a sidekick creative activity for your creative work. Julia Cameron gave the advice in her book “The Artists Way” to have a day off per week to play around as creativity seems to work best in a playful surrounding. It does not work if it is a task and a responsibility according to her theory. In my experience this is true. I love blogging and writing but when life gets tough and writing is more on a schedule than fun then I just lose it.

If I start playing around with something like the free writing or the photography I get that fun back and can go on writing.

Therefore I think you need a sidekick for your creativity but what about you? Do you have a sidekick creative activity or does it come naturally not matter how the mood?