Just one of my projects (#amwriting)

Hello Everyone,

I wish you a very happy weekend for those who are off work and quiet shifts if you have to work.

This is the Proust-Questionaire which I have used on my phoenixrisesagain blog to advertise for other bloggers pages. But I have no answers left.

I hope though that many more want to answer it and bring their blogs, pages, ect to the attention of my readers. So if you have nothing else to do this weekend ~ here are the questions to copy and answer and to send to me:

Where do you want to live? 
 What is perfect bliss for you? 
 Which fault do you excuse the easiest? 
 What is the biggest disaster for you? 
 Your favourite characters in a novel?
 Your favourite figure in history?
 Your favourite hero/heroine in real life?
 Your favourite painter? 
 Your favourite author?
 Your favourite composer? 
Which quality do you appreciate the most in a woman?
 Which quality do you appreciate the most in a man?
 Your favourite virtue?
 Your favourite activity?
 Who or what would you like to be? 
 Your main characteristic?
 What do you appreciate the most in your friends? 
 Your biggest fault?
 Your dream of happiness?
 Your favourite colour? 
 Your favourite flower? 
 Your favourite bird? 
 Your favourite poet? 
 What do you hate the most?
 Which historical figure do you hate the most?
Which is your favourite reform? 
 Which natural talent would you like to have?
 How do you want to die? 
 Your current state of mind?
 Your motto?
Send me a DM to @Morgaine620 or email me if you are interested Morgaine620(at)yahoo.de

Thank you very much!


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