Zara & Morsmart (#amwriting)

This year I have started two longterm projects. Well, Zara of course I have started much earlier but not in ernest. I wanted to write on that fantasy story every day but realised after a while that blogging is more important to me. So it balanced itself out that I write on the novel on my days off. The rest of the week I concentrate on blogging.

Originally I wanted to write Morsmart only every two weeks but it is such fun that I started it twice a week on Tuesdays and Fridays. Every entry is about 600 words that’s no too much really. I use it to practise my writing of intersting scenes like integrating all senses and not describe but make some action.

What is it about?

Our Universe in a not too far future. Supermarkets have taken over society but the outlaws of Catchy do not approve. Rowan Enterprise has just started in Morsmart one of the biggest but will he achieve what he came for?


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