Doing it!

*Cinnamon straw

*Cinnamon straw (Photo credit: Darwin Bell)

Remember the writing exercise I posted about yesterday from “The poets billow“?

Well I have done it and here is what I came up with in the 30min writing session:

“I have the feeling I chose a rather difficult spice to write about: cinnamon!

The reason why I chose it is that I really really love it. I love to put a bit in my coffee and sometimes in my tea. I hardly ever bake a cake without cinnamon and rice pudding is just delicious with it.

I guess it is one of those “love it or hate it” spices. I do not think there is something in between.

Right I got the little packet of Schwartz cinnamon out, sprinkled some on my plate and both smelled it and tasted. I was surprised that it does not taste as disgusting as people usually describe it. It was dry, tickled the back of my throat, first sweet then lightly bitter and woody.

I had real difficulty to find words for it. Had a look online and there are people who wrote that you can not smell it but taste it and the other way round. Odd!

Smelling it was the same. To me it smells nice and appetising. That is not very particular is it? Woody and sweet probably describes it the best. But maybe it is just a category on its own and there are no real words to describe it.

You can have ground cinnamon which I have and what I tried;  and you can have cinnamon sticks which are the bark of the cinnamon trees. I wonder if the trees smell as nice. That would be an experience to walk through a plantation of cinnamon trees and you would be surrounded by the smell of fresh cinnamon. I suppose it is more likely that the smell does not come out truly before you have dried it.

Apples! I directly connected it with apples. I guess it is because I love apple strudel which is usually made with cinnamon. And raisins. Oh the taste of raisins but I drift away :-).

Ah this is fun but how can I get poetic with it?

Maybe the idea to walk through a cinnamon plantation is poetic in itself? It could be with a lover. Or a child who experiences cinnamon for the first time.

Well, did I say I have cinnamon in my coffee and tea? And it is supposed to be balancing for diabetes sufferers. It can make you high actually and even addicted. I don’t think it is as bad as that with me though :-).

Unfortunately I do not have cinnamon sticks because then I could feel them. It would probably be dry, kind of raw or rough. You can not really feel the grounded cinnamon. It is much too light.

Cinnamon has a brownish red colour which is a colour in itself I think. There are clothes or colours called cinnamon. The sticks look like they are pieces of bark rolled up. You know there are those waffles which are rolled. It looks the same and whenever I see cinnamon sticks I think about those and want one.

Just had a look on the package: It is the inner bark of a tropical ever green tree. Learned something here :-).

I usually put cinnamon in my curries as it gives that wonderful Indian dish that special something.

Oh and German scientist found out that men are more likely to make love if you give them apple pie with cinnamon as it reminds them of their mothers. Well, that is really weird!









Yes I forgot you can use cinnamon oil in holistic healing but I can not remember what it is used for.

I smelled it; I tasted it; I thought about feeling it, I saw it and what about hearing it? Well you can not hear the powder. You probably could hear the stick falling on the floor. You definitely can hear the wind in the trees leaves. You can hear it crumble when you crush the stick. You could hear the grinder if you grind it. That would give a lovely smell as well I suppose.

I tried the powder again and it definitely is more sweet than woody or pungent. It is all not that bad!

Right I will go to my poetry blog and write a poem about it. Had no idea in the beginning what to write about but I really like that idea to walk through a cinnamon plantation. Maybe research that a bit more.

A sunset maybe in the poem, a lover, a light breeze, it is warm but not hot. Maybe the smell of coffee or a curry cooking or maybe both? Definitely holding hands. I love holding hands as much as I love cinnamon :-)!

You can find out more about cinnamon in this video (well, leaves, bark, root ect smell differently so you do not have to wait until its dried 🙂 ):

thanks for the video to  via

I have posted my poem here.


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