English: Spices in Mapusa Market, Goa, India.

English: Spices in Mapusa Market, Goa, India. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I have found a brilliant writing exercise on “the poet’s billow“. It is called “Engaging the Senses” and that is what they wrote:

“Go to your kitchen pantry, garden, refrigerator, or spice rack. Pick an herb, spice, fruit, or vegetable. Take it to your writing space. Smell it, feel it, observe it, taste it. Does it come in multiple forms: powdered, sliced, dried, pickled? What sensations does it arouse? What memories does it bring?

Now, write for thirty minutes or more, don’t stop –Don’t think, just write. Reread what you’ve written. Find the connections, the heat, the moments where language lifts, where it sings, and sculpt this into a poem.

If you like, post your results as a comment; we would love to see what people come up with…”

If you want to go and see some examples of “spicy” poems by Aimee Nezhukumatathil and post one of your poems please follow this link:



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