Zara is calling….

After a month or so I have been back to writing “Zara” and it was not difficult to get back into it. I am quite happy about that. Am trying not to get too much into detail yet as it is the first draft and I just want to get on with it but I leave comments in the text where I think I have to work on. I guess that will help later on but also keeps me working and lose track.

Tried to work out a routine this morning for my writing sessions which for now look like this:

1/2 hour reading

10 min free writing

1 hour Zara

1-2 hours  Blogs

Of course it will vary how much time I have and if I write in the morning or evening depending on my shifts at work. But I think this is quite good as a basic routine from which I can work.

Had loads of ideas for my blog and have started to write them down as drafts directly in the blogs that I do not have to think about what to write for a while. I think that will work fine. Even did some exercise to get me a bit fitter. …


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