Still not back….

…. to writing the novel. But I am writing more than enough lately. Got a bit carried away when I wrote about the evening with Diego Marani but well I am in training and can make my mistakes ;-). Am also taking part in that German poetry project which ends in June: A poem a day and no excuses. It feels a bit like a holiday as I have not been writing a lot of poems for a few months. Seems though that my inner creative person was longing for some as I believe you do not meet anyone without a reason.

I also felt that I need to say something about the copyright discussions around the world. For some strange reason I feel more and more compelled to do my own thing and not go the publishing way. Self-pub is the magic word which might not make me a millionaire but maybe makes me happy.

And yes of course my poetry book project. Nearly finished with this one ~ still working on the foreword but can not wait to get it out there.

But I can see that she works underneath. Zara I mean. Still reading up on how to create a perfect novel on different levels and with different media. It’s fun. It makes sense for my life. I enjoy doing that and as I have learned throughout life: If you enjoy it the Universe will sort out the rest :-).


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