A writing frenzy…..

…. oh dear I wish it would have been. But for my situation it probably was!

Yesterday I was writing that I sorted all housework to be able to do some writing today. And yea I have done it! About 4 hours with breaks and I am mightily proud. That probably makes a few people grin but we are humble and happy with the small victories in our writers-to-be life ;-).

I have spent my morning uploading my story files to Google Drive that I will be able to write from my mobile as well. Had quiet a few ideas while I was at work and wrote them down in a book. But I wished I could have seen my text and go into it so I thought I will give the cloud a chance. Have been trying Google Docs which has changed to Google Drive and they work quite well with my android. However it was a bit of a hassle at first writing in the cloud as it only auto-saves and I was constantly searching  for the save button :-).

Still managed to revise my main character’s conflict and main goal. Adjusted the story accordingly and revised the first chapter. Then I went on with the story itself but could not concentrate any more. I spent the rest of the time reading blogs about writing, for example Pandora Poiklos’s “”Piece from Pieces” which advertises for the Orangeberry Summer Splash.  Additionally I read some writing pages like “Daily Writing Tips” to learn more about language. Besides that I read some general blogs just for fun. And I enjoyed every minute of it.

In between writing I did some housework (NO ~ not to distract myself but to get my concentration back…. 🙂 really!!!! ). I am not sure this was a brilliant idea though as my mind was still with Zara so I managed to bake a bread but put the recycling stuff on the compost heap….. I am really living the dream!



2 thoughts on “A writing frenzy…..

  1. Hey *waves*. Thanks for tagging me on your blog. Now I’m off to do laundry and clean the bathroom. Gross. Wanna clean my toilets for me? Anyone??

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