Reading ~ nurturing the writer to be

I had no energy what so ever to write in the last few days even though the story or more the story line was in my mind all the time. I guessed I needed some time off to recharge. Seems like I can write about half of the week and the rest I need to deal with other things.

Arthur Miller, American playwright

Arthur Miller, American playwright (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The story is called “I don’t need you any more” written in 1959. It is about a 5-year-old Jewish boy on one of the Jewish Holidays trying to get to grips with his mother’s pregnancy, her feelings for an old friend, with religion and how to behave properly. Arthur Miller really gets you into the mind of the boy and his anxieties and hopes. It is at times so intense that I have to stop reading.  I have read “Death of a Salesman” in School and enjoyed it as well but never got to read anything else. Definitely a loss on my side. Not only other things but also concentrate on reading. I guess you can not write if you do not like to read. A few days ago I started the Short Story anthology “Presence” by Arthur Miller. Just half way through the first story but my goodness is this intense reading. Have not figured out properly how Arthur Miller did it but it is a joy to read him.

Well, there is enough time to get some more from him. I definitely recommend this book for writers to be.

Now I try to get myself back to write the novel. Have planned to do housework ect today before I go to work so I will have the whole day for writing tomorrow which is my day off. Well, I keep you updated how successful I will be 🙂


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