Writing stories is one part of my creative life but my passion is still poetry. Today I wrote a poem dedicated to Paul Celan who’s “Todesfuge” has made an incredible impression on me when I read it at school. It had made me aware of how you can play with images and words. And that indeed even after death camps it is possible to write and read poetry (this might have been just a discussion within German speaking poets after war).
Now long afterwards I realise that this poem created my opinion that poetry and other creativity is the only way to make sense of it all!

Free resources for writers to be #amwriting


I set up a page where I keep some links for free resources for the writer to be. Today I thought I might post them as well as they might help one or the other of you. It’s not an awful lot but some might be interesting.

So here they are! Have fun:


Randy Ingermanson’s Snowflake Method            He explains his way of writing a novel, you can get free newsletter about advanced fiction writing and a free email-course about “how to publish a book”

Open University, Open Learn, Start writing fiction A free introduction by the Open University on writing fiction

BBC Archives ~ Interviews mit 20th Century writers brilliant page with Interviews as early as the 1930′s

BBC Writersroom Tips on writing and the possibility to send in unsolicited scripts for films, shows ect

Writing fiction on about.com everything from finding a space to write to how to get published

Writers Digest We all know that one I suppose

MITOpencourseware What the Massachusetts Institute of Technology has to offer for writers

DiplomaGuide.com A list of courses for free for aspiring writers and poets

Maybe I should not have started the new blog…

…. about my little sci-fi shopping experience ;-). So excited about it. Did some research about astronomy to get things right. Will line out the supermarket, the main characters and how society has evolved. But that might just as well be writers block as I still am not back with Zara and I miss that. We’ll get there though!

One picture to make you smile and therefore more creative :-)!

Still not back….

…. to writing the novel. But I am writing more than enough lately. Got a bit carried away when I wrote about the evening with Diego Marani but well I am in training and can make my mistakes ;-). Am also taking part in that German poetry project which ends in June: A poem a day and no excuses. It feels a bit like a holiday as I have not been writing a lot of poems for a few months. Seems though that my inner creative person was longing for some as I believe you do not meet anyone without a reason.

I also felt that I need to say something about the copyright discussions around the world. For some strange reason I feel more and more compelled to do my own thing and not go the publishing way. Self-pub is the magic word which might not make me a millionaire but maybe makes me happy.

And yes of course my poetry book project. Nearly finished with this one ~ still working on the foreword but can not wait to get it out there.

But I can see that she works underneath. Zara I mean. Still reading up on how to create a perfect novel on different levels and with different media. It’s fun. It makes sense for my life. I enjoy doing that and as I have learned throughout life: If you enjoy it the Universe will sort out the rest :-).

So many ideas in my head. Not sure if it is a kind of writers block when you start concentrating on loads of other creative projects instead of going on writing your novel. Had to work 9 – (no not 5 😉 ) 6 and am totally shattered. Tomorrow and Monday too then one day off. Can’t wait. Wishing you all a good weekend and loads of time for creativity!

Zara ~ a writing odyssey

Against all odds and the day job I managed to get an outline for the whole story. Now I have a goal to what I can write which hopefully prevents me from getting of the line of writing. But that means I could start the actual writing work and that scares me to death.            All the blocking thoughts come in: “You are not good enough”, “You do not have enough time to write”, “You’ve tried before and it did not work” “You…….

Well, yesterday I read an article on CNN about standing out in your career to get ahead of others. One sentence and example got stuck in my head: “Do what needs doing being scared”. The example was a woman afraid of heights and enclosed spaces who got trapped in a house fire. She had to go down a stair case but she screamed she…

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That is what I do this evening ~ nurturing my inner writer 🙂

Zara ~ a writing odyssey

I had no energy what so ever to write in the last few days even though the story or more the story line was in my mind all the time. I guessed I needed some time off to recharge. Seems like I can write about half of the week and the rest I need to deal with other things.

The story is called “I don’t need you any more” written in 1959. It is about a 5-year-old Jewish boy on one of the Jewish Holidays trying to get to grips with his mother’s pregnancy, her feelings for an old friend, with religion and how to behave properly. Arthur Miller really gets you into the mind of the boy and his anxieties and hopes. It is at times so intense that I have to stop reading.  I have read “Death of a Salesman” in School and enjoyed it as well but…

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