Today I had trouble to get clear what I could or what I need to do. When I came home from work I was so tired I just wanted to lay down. When I had a shower I was thinking both about priorities as well as balance. It won’t help me writing if I do not get enough rest. So I did some “beauty stuff” and just let it go slow. Then I made a cup of tea and had a long chat with future hubby which got my mind back into focussing.

Future hubbies children live with their mum but come around as often as possible. As they have hardly any possiblility to go online at their other home I let them go on my laptop when they come around. They are important to me and I also try to spent as much quality time as I can.

But that means less time for writing. Or more better organisation when to write. Being a recourceful person I figured out that my mobile has google docs on and there is a app for wordpress as well! So I can blog and write even without the laptop and if the internet connection works at work too. Problem solved!

Well drinking my cup of tea I figured out that blogging and working on my ” one sentence storyline” would be enough for today. I am happy with that :-)!
I will keep you updated on it!

Oh there is one more thing: today at work I decided I just need to write a satire about it. The place just shouts for and I have started the brainstorming on it. But Zara still comes first!


2 thoughts on “Yawn

  1. I can totally relate to being too darn tired after work to think, let alone write. I don’t have to share my computer but since I am connected to one all day on the job, I find the thought of turning one on at home less than thrilling. I bought an Alphasmart Neo for NaNoWriMo and LOVE it — totally unconnected, full-sized keyboard, instant on, and autosaves everything. It is a great tool to just let me close my eyes and drop into writing. Then I can upload it easily to Word and copy/paste to blog when I get back online. If you want to check it out go alphasmart.com.
    Also, as someone contemplating query letters, I think working on a one sentance description of your novel is a HUGE task – one that has me stumped. 🙂

    • Hi there that sounds interesting. I have never heard of Alphasmart before. Will definitely have a look tomorrow.
      I kind of enjoy that “one-sentence-task” as it makes me think about what my novel really is about. I like that “Snowflake-method” idea that having a theme or the essence of the novel made out in the beginning to keep you on track of what you want to write as well as the agent/publisher thing. But right now I feel more like a apprentice of writing and want to figure out a routine to get the thing done. I already have two more ideas for novels not Fantasy this time but that is another story :-).
      Wow you take part in NaNoWriMo ~ am impressed :-)!

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