I won this one

My shift went from 7 -4 today and I managed to write about 45 min afterwards. I guess I could have done more but I was reading Kirsten Lamb’s blog entry yesterday which is called “Stress less write more“. It is about what stops us from writing. She wrote that our weaknesses and our fears often stop us and it would help to either work on them or “outsource” them.

She disclosed that her problem is organisation and how important it is to be organised while writing. That made me think. I have learned a lot about organising when I was working as a department manager in a supermarket. I think I am not too bad with it I just need to do it really.

So today I made myself a plan what I need to do for the writing like a kind of work description for writing. Well, that is work in progress as it will change while I learn more about writing fiction as well as my life will change. But that seemed to be important as well as the writing itself.

I also had a look at what I have been writing so far and if it is in line with the scene list I have done. Guess what? It is not fully so my plan is to overwork them from tomorrow on. It seems to me that I need to have a look over the whole thing to see if it is still in line. I guess that is what you call revising :-).

I also read a bit more in “Writing fiction for Dummies” and this chapter is about writing a a great storyline. A story line they say is one sentence that compiles the whole of your novel. It helps you to tell important people what it is all about so they can decide if it is something for them or not. It also helps you to stay in control of what publishers ect write about your book as they do not need to make anything up. You’ve done the job already.  Well mine so far is:

Zara the runaway leader to be safes nations while searching for her mother.

Does not sound very exciting does it? I think I need to show more about the world I am creating eg some names of the world or nations to give an idea how the whole lot looks like. And I still have 12 words left that I can use as they say it should not be more than 25 words :-).

But all in all I am proud of myself and I think I have done quite a lot today. I guess I won that one!!!!


2 thoughts on “I won this one

  1. hi Beth!
    I enjoyed your post today. I follow Kirsten Lamb’s blog as well and gained some insight into what holds me back from her post. You are my first pingback on my baby blog. 🙂 Thanks for that!

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