I hope I can do better than my first draft….

Oh dear I can see all the wrongs in my writing and it is only the first draft. I guess though that is how it is and the real work starts with working the whole lot over. Am already making notes around the text what I have to work on.

Today, my day off the day job, I had real problems to get going. Was procrastinating with Twitter, Facebook, cup of coffee, cup of tea….. you know the lot. But in the end I got myself around when I asked Stefan Dernbach and Peter Reuter to give me a push (Thanks guys for your support!!!).  Just writing that comment made me work. I inserted the parts I wrote last year April and May in this draft as I think they are still fitting even with my Snowflake approach.

So I am at 13 pages but have no idea how many words I have done so far. I think it might not make a difference as I have to change a lot anyway but I have planned to work out in the next few writing sessions how many words I do in 1 hour to get an idea. I read on Twitter the question if it works better for you to set yourself a word goal or a time goal. For me the time goal definitely works better. I set the timer and then just write. I have also planned to make myself a music list that keeps me writing, songs without words. The one I made yesterday is not good enough. And I also thought about joining a writers group preferably online as off line is difficult with my shifts.

I also realised that I can consider myself a writer already as I practically write every day be it a book review, the story, poems, blogs which ever. I just don’t earn any money with it yet. I like that thought yes I like that thought 🙂


8 thoughts on “I hope I can do better than my first draft….

    • thanks for the advice Team Oyeniyi I try to find my way through those. Right now I am reading the Randy Ingermanson Writing Fiction for Dummies but also get his newsletter. I got the #amwriting tag as a column for twitter on TweetDeck which I find really helpful.

  1. Of course you can do better than your first draft :). Especially if you’re writing every day and reading frequently. You’ll be improving all the time.

    • Hi Katie thanks for your feedback ~ I usually have like four books on the go ~ right now: Writing Fiction for Dummies, Poems of the present and the past (Thomas Hardy), the 1. Narnia novel, Why Marx was right by Terry Eagleton and short stories by Henry Miller ~ there might be hope?????? 😉

    • HI scribblingadvocate I wish I had finished the first draft that would be nice ~ but I work on it 🙂

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