Slowly but continuously….

….. I am getting on. Zara and Alaana have met in the cave and Isagora is there as well but after writing for about 20 mins today my file has frozen and I can not get on. How annoying!!! Well, I use the time and write some blogs.

Seeing it more in a spiritual way the universe probably want to test me if I really want to write so writing I am :-). If the story does not work there is always my blogs and I want to write a review of Mahmoud Dowlatabadis “The Colonel“, which was the book of April for the International Fiction Reading Group I am attending. It is about an Iranian Colonel who’s four children symbolise the main four political fractions being players in Iran‘s history since the second world war up to the 1979 revolution. It is a hard book to read but I think it gives an important insight into the country. It is banned and not published in Iran. Well, I better go and write that then :-)!


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