Storyline the second

It is not easy, no it is not.

Besides having had a tough day and rather thinking about the new idea than working on Zara I have managed to play a bit with the storyline. It’s not perfect yet but maybe more interesting?

Here is what I came up with today:

According to the prediction Zara will destroy the world but on her quest she saves it!

Now that is 16 words but where is her mother gone in this? And is her mother so important?

Alaana her cousin (Zara does not know yet that she is her cousin though) is actually nearly destroying the world but Zara and her mother help her. Is that important to be in there?

Questions over questions to ponder about :-)!


Today I had trouble to get clear what I could or what I need to do. When I came home from work I was so tired I just wanted to lay down. When I had a shower I was thinking both about priorities as well as balance. It won’t help me writing if I do not get enough rest. So I did some “beauty stuff” and just let it go slow. Then I made a cup of tea and had a long chat with future hubby which got my mind back into focussing.

Future hubbies children live with their mum but come around as often as possible. As they have hardly any possiblility to go online at their other home I let them go on my laptop when they come around. They are important to me and I also try to spent as much quality time as I can.

But that means less time for writing. Or more better organisation when to write. Being a recourceful person I figured out that my mobile has google docs on and there is a app for wordpress as well! So I can blog and write even without the laptop and if the internet connection works at work too. Problem solved!

Well drinking my cup of tea I figured out that blogging and working on my ” one sentence storyline” would be enough for today. I am happy with that :-)!
I will keep you updated on it!

Oh there is one more thing: today at work I decided I just need to write a satire about it. The place just shouts for and I have started the brainstorming on it. But Zara still comes first!

I won this one

My shift went from 7 -4 today and I managed to write about 45 min afterwards. I guess I could have done more but I was reading Kirsten Lamb’s blog entry yesterday which is called “Stress less write more“. It is about what stops us from writing. She wrote that our weaknesses and our fears often stop us and it would help to either work on them or “outsource” them.

She disclosed that her problem is organisation and how important it is to be organised while writing. That made me think. I have learned a lot about organising when I was working as a department manager in a supermarket. I think I am not too bad with it I just need to do it really.

So today I made myself a plan what I need to do for the writing like a kind of work description for writing. Well, that is work in progress as it will change while I learn more about writing fiction as well as my life will change. But that seemed to be important as well as the writing itself.

I also had a look at what I have been writing so far and if it is in line with the scene list I have done. Guess what? It is not fully so my plan is to overwork them from tomorrow on. It seems to me that I need to have a look over the whole thing to see if it is still in line. I guess that is what you call revising :-).

I also read a bit more in “Writing fiction for Dummies” and this chapter is about writing a a great storyline. A story line they say is one sentence that compiles the whole of your novel. It helps you to tell important people what it is all about so they can decide if it is something for them or not. It also helps you to stay in control of what publishers ect write about your book as they do not need to make anything up. You’ve done the job already.  Well mine so far is:

Zara the runaway leader to be safes nations while searching for her mother.

Does not sound very exciting does it? I think I need to show more about the world I am creating eg some names of the world or nations to give an idea how the whole lot looks like. And I still have 12 words left that I can use as they say it should not be more than 25 words :-).

But all in all I am proud of myself and I think I have done quite a lot today. I guess I won that one!!!!

I hope I can do better than my first draft….

Oh dear I can see all the wrongs in my writing and it is only the first draft. I guess though that is how it is and the real work starts with working the whole lot over. Am already making notes around the text what I have to work on.

Today, my day off the day job, I had real problems to get going. Was procrastinating with Twitter, Facebook, cup of coffee, cup of tea….. you know the lot. But in the end I got myself around when I asked Stefan Dernbach and Peter Reuter to give me a push (Thanks guys for your support!!!).  Just writing that comment made me work. I inserted the parts I wrote last year April and May in this draft as I think they are still fitting even with my Snowflake approach.

So I am at 13 pages but have no idea how many words I have done so far. I think it might not make a difference as I have to change a lot anyway but I have planned to work out in the next few writing sessions how many words I do in 1 hour to get an idea. I read on Twitter the question if it works better for you to set yourself a word goal or a time goal. For me the time goal definitely works better. I set the timer and then just write. I have also planned to make myself a music list that keeps me writing, songs without words. The one I made yesterday is not good enough. And I also thought about joining a writers group preferably online as off line is difficult with my shifts.

I also realised that I can consider myself a writer already as I practically write every day be it a book review, the story, poems, blogs which ever. I just don’t earn any money with it yet. I like that thought yes I like that thought 🙂

Have not written the review yet…

… but I found out why my files were frozen. Microsoft did an update on windows 7 I am working with and it interfered with my writing program. Ah well, that is sorted then.

My attitude to writing that novel is changing. I am becoming aware that this is the first draft and I do not need to go so much into detail yet. I can just write on. But I also make notes of what I have to work on later.

It is a good feeling to get to know the characters more but also the environment. But my ability to concentrate on writing does not seem to be that long. After about 30 min I lose it and need something to drink or do something else. Right I can moan about it but it seems to be my cycle of writing and I have to adjust. The trick is to get back to writing and not let the other things get into the way.

Slowly but continuously….

….. I am getting on. Zara and Alaana have met in the cave and Isagora is there as well but after writing for about 20 mins today my file has frozen and I can not get on. How annoying!!! Well, I use the time and write some blogs.

Seeing it more in a spiritual way the universe probably want to test me if I really want to write so writing I am :-). If the story does not work there is always my blogs and I want to write a review of Mahmoud Dowlatabadis “The Colonel“, which was the book of April for the International Fiction Reading Group I am attending. It is about an Iranian Colonel who’s four children symbolise the main four political fractions being players in Iran‘s history since the second world war up to the 1979 revolution. It is a hard book to read but I think it gives an important insight into the country. It is banned and not published in Iran. Well, I better go and write that then :-)!