Do it scared

Against all odds and the day job I managed to get an outline for the whole story. Now I have a goal to what I can write which hopefully prevents me from getting of the line of writing. But that means I could start the actual writing work and that scares me to death.            All the blocking thoughts come in: “You are not good enough”, “You do not have enough time to write”, “You’ve tried before and it did not work” “You…….

Well, yesterday I read an article on CNN about standing out in your career to get ahead of others. One sentence and example got stuck in my head: “Do what needs doing being scared”. The example was a woman afraid of heights and enclosed spaces who got trapped in a house fire. She had to go down a stair case but she screamed she was scared and could not. The fire man coming in to rescue her said to her “Do it anyway. Do it scared!”  and he repeated it to her until she was out and saved (here you can find the article CNN  To Reach the Top)

I guess that is one part of the success of an author: Do it scared!


Thanks for the picture to  Sherurcij from Wikimedia Commons via ookaboo




One thought on “Do it scared

  1. Reblogged this on Zara ~ a writing story and commented:

    So many ideas in my head. Not sure if it is a kind of writers block when you start concentrating on loads of other creative projects instead of going on writing your novel. Had to work 9 – (no not 5 😉 ) 6 and am totally shattered. Tomorrow and Monday too then one day off. Can’t wait. Wishing you all a good weekend and loads of time for creativity!

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