After some “desert time”….

…. I am back working on “Zara”. Think I am a bit all over the place but that is probably my way of working: Creative Chaos you know ;-).

Today I created a Pantheon for Zara’s Religion as well as a prediction for the end of the world and a myth of the creation of the world. Did some geography and wanted to start on a history of her people/ her continent. But I am getting tired and I think I need a break. Will go on tomorrow. Am glad I am back on writing though :-)!

I chose the names for the gods and goddesses from existing mainly Greek and Assyrian deities but changed them a bit. Love the creation myth: The goddess is dancing and her pearl necklace splits and the pearls fall into the universe and become stars and planets. Geography wise I just played along. But at least their planet is round as well, has two poles and loads of ocean. Aw can’t wait to go on…..


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