Do it scared

Against all odds and the day job I managed to get an outline for the whole story. Now I have a goal to what I can write which hopefully prevents me from getting of the line of writing. But that means I could start the actual writing work and that scares me to death.            All the blocking thoughts come in: “You are not good enough”, “You do not have enough time to write”, “You’ve tried before and it did not work” “You…….

Well, yesterday I read an article on CNN about standing out in your career to get ahead of others. One sentence and example got stuck in my head: “Do what needs doing being scared”. The example was a woman afraid of heights and enclosed spaces who got trapped in a house fire. She had to go down a stair case but she screamed she was scared and could not. The fire man coming in to rescue her said to her “Do it anyway. Do it scared!”  and he repeated it to her until she was out and saved (here you can find the article CNN  To Reach the Top)

I guess that is one part of the success of an author: Do it scared!


Thanks for the picture to  Sherurcij from Wikimedia Commons via ookaboo



day jobs sigh

today I had to work and in the morning I had to sort out a few things. Did not get time to work on the novel and it made me feel like the day was not worth it really. So I took myself together and used my lunch break to think over what I have done so far and I already got some week points. Did not have enough time to work on it further but there is another lunch break tomorrow and a day off on Tuesday. One can only hope ;-).


Had a hospital appointment on Tuesday and it totally knocked me out. No writing for two days.

Made a plan though how to get my time organised and get everything in. I think a successful author needs her time organised well. Not that I am very good at that but there is space to learn I suppose :-).

After some “desert time”….

…. I am back working on “Zara”. Think I am a bit all over the place but that is probably my way of working: Creative Chaos you know ;-).

Today I created a Pantheon for Zara’s Religion as well as a prediction for the end of the world and a myth of the creation of the world. Did some geography and wanted to start on a history of her people/ her continent. But I am getting tired and I think I need a break. Will go on tomorrow. Am glad I am back on writing though :-)!

I chose the names for the gods and goddesses from existing mainly Greek and Assyrian deities but changed them a bit. Love the creation myth: The goddess is dancing and her pearl necklace splits and the pearls fall into the universe and become stars and planets. Geography wise I just played along. But at least their planet is round as well, has two poles and loads of ocean. Aw can’t wait to go on…..