I did try yesterday…..

…. to write an entry but unfortunately wordpress.com conspired against me and did not work. Well I was tired and I thought maybe that is the universes way of telling me to call it a night which I did. Woke up at 3AM this morning and took some time to write my other blogs and was quite happy as I thought “I can relax tonight and work on the novel” but alas as it always goes things turn out differently. The Mythbusters were checking if flatulence can kill you but busted that myth entirely which cost me about an hour of writing time. I did learn something though 😉 .

On the other hand I used some time to work more on the Openlearn course and about the setting. There are many activities in Part II for example to describe a mood through the setting or to describe a scenery through two people quarreling about it. But I guess that is all I can concentrate on tonight. Maybe tomorrow there is more concentration possible. May your muses kiss you gently and may you find  creativity where ever you go 🙂 .



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