an early post

Today I will be back to work so my writing schedule has to change. I can not do it all over the day or later on but have to schedule it for the morning which has worked quite well. I managed to outline Zara’s aunt Alexandra who is the leader of an underground organisation. Her name was Alba in the version I have tried in this blog before but I decided Alexandra is a more fitting name as it means “Friend of Mankind”.

I have also been reading part 2 of the Open learn course which is about setting. Today’s part was about how the setting can add to the mood and atmosphere created in a novel. That I really liked to read. It was interesting. I do struggle a bit with the exercises where I have to write things. Am a bit reluctant to do so ~ no idea why.

Well, have been writing all blogs as well which is not so difficult on mondays as I usually put something short to be able to write the longer articles for days before and on the weekend. Has not really worked out so far but there is always room for improvement :-).


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