Will be away….

….. the whole day so there will be no time for writing which annoys me a bit but I guess you can not have everything. I think I got the grips with blurb now so that I can finish the book and see how it comes out. Then I might use it for more projects. Really looking forward to it. But Zara is waiting for me to tell her story…..

Day job does not always win….

…. another of those mental days at work where you come home and just fall into the sofa and never get up ever again. Well, today it did not stop me from working on “Zara”. I worked on her grandfather who is leader of the council of the more spiritual people. Unfortunately he has a love for the technology loving people which of course causes conflict.

Am pretty proud that I worked that one out even though my eyes are closing constantly. I think it is time for bed πŸ™‚

Some ideas ….

…. to how the people Zara is supposed to be the leader of fell out with their neighbours. I worked on that one this afternoon and am quite happy that the day job has not won today :-). It is a great feeling to get the story more alive and give it some background. Of course there is a love story to tell and some deceit and other pressures. I also want to work on the cultures of the two Peoples one more technology loving the others more spiritual. They must have worked together at one point but now they fight……

Nearly there….

…. for today. It is five to seven AM local time and I am working on my third character. But as I had only 4 or 5 hours sleep my body craves for coffee. Three cups of tea did not do it πŸ˜‰ .

More and more bits of the story come together but I start doubting I will ever be able to really get it going without losing the overview. Well lets see myself as “in training” and remember Julia Cameron: You have to allow yourself to be a bad artist to become a good one!