Where it all began

She is exhausted. Just let herself fall under the deep hanging branches of an ancient hazel tree. It covers her from sight and some of its reddish brown leaves on the ground offer a bed~like nest. She is safe for now but she does not care. Just falls asleep.

In her dream she runs again! She runs along a fair cobbled path. She climbs up Scar Mountain and does not stop for the amazing view all over her peoples country and far over to the enemy’s. She just gets away. Gets away from it all:

She is gone. Her Nan is gone and everyone expects her to lead the people. From an early age she was trained to do so. That was her fate. No one asked if she wanted to. They had asked her mother who was supposed to be the leader before her but she vanished. They did not talk about her mum. Her dream~self remembers the little girl crying for her mum. Cried every night. Cried herself into sleep. What she never knew as a child she can see now in her dream: Her nan comes along and stays with her. The Council had decided that she had to become strong and deal with grief and sorrow on her own and no matter how powerful her nan was she would not anger the council. She knew Zara had to lead the people. The line must go on no matter what. But her nan also knew how it feels like and unknown to her granddaughter stayed with her every night hidden behind the dark blue curtain with all those little stars that covered her bed from the ceiling to the floor. “Nan!” says her dream~self but her nan is angry. “You can not run from your fate child!”  she booms at her and Zara wakes up. “Nan” she says. But there is just the branches caressing her as the wind blows dark clouds through the Scargeragg……

First draft from 2010


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