It can not be…..

Alaana whispers. The toys circling around her. Zara is nearly with her. “IT CAN NOT BE!!!!!!!” Alaana suddenly shouts. The toys drop around her. Alaana turns her head towards Zara. “It can not be!!! she sobs. Zara sits down besides her and takes the girl into her arms. “Sht little one. It will be alright. It is nothing bad no matter what they have told you.” “I don’t want to be like that. I do not want to be like that.” The girls body shakes. She holds Zara so hard it hurts her. “They were right! I….I….” the words are overtaken by sobbs.
Zara keeps holding her and rocks her like a little child. She remembers the song her grandma sung to her when she was upset: “Be healed my child be healed” she humms. “There’ll be three days of rain and three days pain.” she starts singing hushed. “There’ll be three days of sun and three days of fun and you’ll be happy all over again!”
The girl calms down in her arms and relaxes. Zara keeps rocking and has a look around.

To the right is a tight path along high grey rocks where she came from. On the other side of the path is a row of light yellow larches. She was walking on most of their needles when she came along the path. Zara leans back on the warm stone. She has to hold her hand over her eyes to see but Alaana stirs so she keeps it down. ….


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