She stands there…

…. for a while. The bird gets smaller and smaller. Her eyes follow it until it reaches the horizon where a long turquoise line flashes along the end of the land. “Is that the sea?????” Zara wonders as she starts running up the stairs. She can not see more of it as the staircase follows the hills around erecura’s sanctuary. But she can see the dark green of the lake below with white freckles of swans. She can also see the burning red of the roses down below which plays with the lakes colours. From the stairs she can hardly see the  huts around the lake as their colours hide them perfectly on the ground. She catches a short glimpse of the now broader turquoise line but turns to the left. She runs again but then stops abruptly. There is a little plateau reaching out into the landscape. There are wooden toys of all colours spread around and Alaana sitting in the middle hugging a nearly black toy wolfhound. The wooden toys start flying and circling around her but stop suddenly and fall. A bit later the same starts. This happens on and off as Zara carefully comes closer.


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