Zara stands at the lakes shore….

… she watches Alaana run up the marble staircase on the other side. The waves calmly hit on the grass and make a gurgling noise. The Swans have flown up as Alaana rushed by but now are settling down again. A light breeze let the bushes murmur.”She’ll be alright!” Isagora says from behind Zara who turns back towards her. “No she won’t. She just learned that her parents are not her parents! It seems people everywhere like to decide over children’s lives before they even started!” her voice is calm but its darkness feels threatening. “You can not avoid destiny. That is one important truth adults try to teach their children!” “But we can try!” Zara’s eyes glare. Isagora smiles at her: “Yes you can try! She tries to hide in her favourite spot. Please follow her she trusts you!” Zara just shakes her head. “How can she have a favourite spot here? She has never been here!” “Zara” Isagora lays a light hand on Zaras shoulder “Alaana was born here. There is a spot to the left of the stairs up where the outside door is. You can see all the land up there. She used to experiment up there. Please go and stay with her!” Isagora’s ernest face supresses Zara’s anger. “I know she needs me” she sighs and starts running back up to the path around the lake.


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