But I lack politeness….

and have not introduced myself to you. I am Alba custodian of Erecura’s wisdom. It is a pleasure to meet you!”

Zara bows towards Alba:” I feel honoured to be a guest of this peaceful place but how is it that you seem to know me?” Alba smiles at her. “Well I have been close to your mother a long time ago!” “So you know how she vanished?????” Zara nearly jumped up. “I have an idea but do not know for sure. But we will go into that later on.” Zara is about to ask more but Alba adresses Alaana. “You will have to learn a lot little one! Your foster parents have not followed my instructions to guide your talents.” Alaana gasps”My foster parents????” “Yes my dear. The parents you have known are your forster parents. You are a child of Esecura’s hence your talents.” “but…..” Alaana starts shivering “but I am NOT talented!!!!!” She is shouting as she gets up nearly falling over her bright white gown then running out of the cave. Zara gets up too “Sorry lady!” she says and follows Alaana.

Alba looks shocked. “It is worse than I expected.” she sighs “Isagora please follow them. Make sure Alaana starts to know her origins.” “You want her to know all of it my lady?” “No we keep the whole until she is ready”

Isagurd appears behind Alba and offers her his arm as she gets up. They leave to the left and vanish in the tree wall where there appears to be a door.


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