In the middle….

…. there is a small circle full of glaring white pebble stones in front of a small hill covered with long flowing grass and an abundance of shiny white flowers. But Zara does not see them. Her attention is drawn to the round entrance in the hill. On both sides a bush of jasmin each. Its flowers smell captivating. Inside she can only see shadows and a fire burning. Isagora takes off her shoes as she passes the entrance. Zara and Alaana follow her example.

Inside is astonishingly huge. Zara’s attention was drawn directly to the drawing of a huge tree in the back. Its golden branches spread out all along the walls but their ends curl up in little spirals of many colours. The branches and their ends weave a beautiful tapestry on the walls of the cave hall. In front of the Tree lays a round carpet of Venetian red. On it sits the woman who has slept besides Zara. She seems naturally relaxed in meditation posture on a round cushion of a brilliant amber. She opens her eyes as Alaana enters the cave hall.

“Welcome!” her voice reminds Zara of her grandmother’s with the calming effect of waves and the whisper of a soft wind in spring trees. She invites them to sit down in front of her. Isagora in the middle, Alaana to the left and Zara to the right. “I am pleased to meet you bringer of peace at last” she says to Alaana. Alaana just bows her hands in front of her chest. “It is good to have you back Isagora. Your task was more successful than we have hoped.” She bows as well.

“And welcome Zara Leader of the good people of the mountains!” Zara bows in the same way and she feels comfortable being called her rightful and full name for the first time. “I know of your troubles. You will have to go through some other challenges than your predecessors had to. Even though your intend was to run away as you do not feel ready for the burden. But life and the gods have just given you the hidden knowledge that your way will be another. Your reign will be that of another time than those of your grandmother and great-grandmother.” Zara feels that little sting in her heart that she always feels when she hears that it is not her mother who is her direct predecessor. “Even your mothers disappearance has its place in the great tapestry of life. “……


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