"This is our power our center"

says Isagora from behind Zara. Zara turns around. “It is…. so overwhelming!”
“I know it is in the beginning! It is easier when you are younger like Alaana. Children have a natural ability to take things how they are rather than how we are taught to perceive them.” She smiles.
“It is time for breakfast and then you will meet our leader. She is eager to hear from you!” “How so???” Zara asks suspicious. Isagora takes her arm “Well she knows a lot. Both of what happens in the world and of what our destinies are!” Zara sighs. “Well girl you can try to run but it will catch up with you no matter what!” Isagora’s smile has a touch of compassion. “Alaana come with us please!” She says and the girl gets up and dances around them as they turn left on the earthen terrace that softly leads down to the shore of the lake which is full of golden flowers Zara has never seen before. There are either different sizes of huts made out of oak wood of a strangely light colour or willows and elderberries on the other side. A bit further away there is a gateway made of the branches of two willows. Their leaves are of a bright yellow and many have fallen down and lay around like confetti.


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