a song….

of birth, death, re-bearth. It’s beauty stunned her. She let her body rest on the ground feeling her energies merge with earth’s but also with all the energies of the beings she can hear. An enormous power surges through her but she can not handle it. She sits up abrupt. Alaana’s head rests in the womans lap. She is sleeping. Smiling.

The woman smiles at her. “You will learn to channel the power! This was just the first test to see if you are fit for your destiny!” “NO!” she thinks jumping up all fleeing on her mind. But two of the men step out of the bushes in to her way. “You can not leave now. You are entering the inner sanctum!” “But no one has asked me if I want this?” Zara shouts.  “How did you feel when you merged with the universal energies?” The woman simply asks. Zara turns back towards her astonished. “How did I feel?” She tries to remember. That was this enormous surge of power it scared her. It scared her to death but there was also this…..” this…. She can not find words for it. “It does feel good as well doesn’t it?”….


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