she laid down Alaana….

…. carefully under a nutbush a bit at the side of the path, that led up from the village she never have visited. She was surprised that the glaring white cobbles are not seen outside the bushes. It is a beautiful path. The cobbles where huge but its forms were fit together perfectly. It is surrounded by two long rows of nut-, elder- and hollybushes in no visible pattern. The light green nutbushes branches bend deep down so it was difficult to see them. All along the sides of the path were big stones with symbols that Zara did not know. She felt the exhaustion of not having slept a lot at night and then the long walk down the hills. Alaana stirrs and opens her eyes. “Shhht” Zara shakes her head and leans down beside her. “We are safe here. Just waiting for the women and her men!” Alaana smiles with only half open eyes and turns to the side. “She’ll test us!” she murmurs “let’s get some sleep for now!” “What? What did you say?” Zara sits up shaking the girl slightly.  “She’ll test us” and Alaana relaxes and breathes deep. She sleeps.


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