Wouldn’t it be better….

… to wait till dark?” Zara ask the woman. “No the catahascans are up that hill watching” She points to the hill they just came down but on the other side of the path. ” And despite their public policies their secret knights know all the magic there is and they are able to use it!. We do not want to be in one place. That distracts them. It is only two of them. They would not risk to follow both of us. Alone they are not as effective as together.” “But if you go first they would follow you and then we could go!” The woman turns her head away from Zara. Alaana stirs on her shoulder. After a long time she looks back at Zara. “You are right! We go first. Wait until you see them pass and then go!” She waves at the men who already have changed into the black tunics of traders accepted by all known people on Wael the name all known people still accept for mother earth.
They covered the dog with bags that smelled strong like herbs. “where have they got them from?” She wonders as they get on the path. She watches the spot far up the hill that the woman had pointed at. …..


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