The sun is high in the sky now….

…. and it is warm despite the season which makes the dampness uncomfortable. Zara starts sweating. The girl in her arm too. She leans her head on Zara’s shoulder and she has trouble to stay awake.
“Just sleep Alaana!” Zara thinks. “We do not know what will come!”
The slender figure of the dark haired woman hurries in front of her. The men with the dog behind and there is the giant in the back.
After about 1 hour the reached the bottom and the path suddenly leads to the right outside of the firs. The woman holds up her hand and they stop. Zara can feel that the energies are changing. “The disguise is vanishing” Zara thought. She was so occupied with following that she totally forgot to tune into mother earth. The woman looks at her. “I know” she whispers. “This is the border to our territory. It is protected with a very powerful spell to detect disguises. That’s how we found out about the catahascans. Besides you covering Alaana’s Aura” For the first time the woman smiles. “Very impressive!” Zara blushes. “how could she have detected that?” She wonders.
“This is the difficult part. We have to cross the path without energy cover. See those bushes leading from the path up to the mountain on the other side of the village metrodora?” Zara nods. “There is another hidden path that leads to our monastery. We’ll be safe on that path. I want you to go first. When I tell you to go just run over there and wait. We will go along the path disguised as traders. The people in metrodora know us and we have a secret entrance to the path in one of the houses. We’ll catch up with you a little bit later!….