"She knew it was the right thing to do"

 “I am not ready for this No I am not ready for this!”

The afternoon of her grandmothers funeral came to her mind. It is tradition with her people that the next leader was inaugurated directly after the funeral of the old. As soon as her grandmother got weak the elders made sure she would know the procedures.

Not that that was necessary as her grandmother had told her many times how she had to follow the dark coffin of her mother in the middle of the night wearing the heavy moss green dress that nearly made her faint. She had to climb all 100 stairs up to the holy place where her people were buried and then stand there for 6 hours until dawn. That is the point when all the tears are shed over the old lady and all the good things are said.
with the new dawn the new lady was crowned with thorns and flowers a symbol of the hardship and the possibilities of her rule. She had to stand another 6 hours for all the leaders to pay their respect and pledge allegiance to the new Lady. Nothing to eat nothing to drink. She had to show that she is able to withstand and rule. After that her grandmother was lead to the Grail where no one but the Lady and her maidens were allowed. On that day she was served by the maidens of the old. The first thing she had to do the next morning was to chose the new.
Well she knew it all by heart. But there was no way she would do that. No way at all she would take on the responsibility for a few thousand people hiding in the woods and mountains of peaca leading them to the victory that was predicted at her birth.

When they came and lead her to the circle for her time of preparation she pretended to go and do all the meditation exercises necessary but she tuned into the earth’s energies and started hiding her trails. So many times she went with the runners to search for the spies. She had a natural talent for hiding and even Isa her teacher wasn’t able after a week of training to find her.

So she left. Left her live and her people behind trying to find what she was dreaming of all of her life.

But how can taking the responsibility for this girl feel so right when it goes against all her plans? “Mother Earth what do you want me to do?”


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