They don’t go along…

… the little path Zara came through the day before but head along the rocks hiding within the trees. There is a little path inside the little forest that leads along the somewhat bigger path outside the trees close to the edge of the valley. Zara doesn’t have time to have a look down into it and orientate herself as she takes care to keep up with the woman and not to fall on stones and roots. It feels and smells damp…..

"it’s ok!"

Zara whispers in her ear. “I think he wants to carry you!” Alaana shakes her head desperately. Zara has a look at the man. She shakes her head and takes Alaana in her arms. “I’ll carry you” She whispers and nods to the woman. The woman doesn’t look pleased but just waves at everyone to follow her……


Alaana starts sobbing trying to hug the dog but the woman shakes her head. Zara takes Alaana in her arms. The woman gestures to follow them while three men all in dark green caps and capes appear through the trees. They carry a kind of  stretcher made of wood and a linnen cloth. The younger one of them a blonde skinny looking hunter and the oldest of them carefully take the dog on the stretcher. The older man’s hands look ancient but show a gentle strength while carrying the dog. His face is hardly visible under his cap but Zara catches a friendly smile. The third man towers over them. He has a broad smile on his face and seems more to jig than to walk. He goes towards Alaana who instinctively hides behind Zara…….

… Alanaa runs back into the cave

Zara’s mouth is covered by a big hand and a woman in hunter’s clothes appears. She holds her finger in front of her mouth and points through the trees. The men were coming back but again rode along the trees.

Zara points on the wounded dog. There is no time to lose to save her. The woman nods and the hand on Zara’s mouths vanishes. She taps wound after wound and covers it with the mixture while the woman comes close and holds the dogs head…..