…Zara thinks.

“It’s them!” Alaana said suddenly. “They came for me! Again they came for me….” She starts sobbing. “Shhht – little one! They won’t find you here. I make sure of that!” “I know what to do now” Zara thinks.

She tunes in the earth energy spectrum. Her energies are well hidden but the girl’s are  shining like a beacon. “Woa no wonder!”. Zara starts to relax and listens to her breath:” Mother Earth I greet and honour you! Here is one of your daughters who doesn’t know about her powers. She needs protection and I know you send me for that task. Please help me to enlarge my Aura to cover her gleaming energies!” Zara can feel the rush of power flowing through her as her Aura is growing. She moves a bit closer to the girl who calms down and just watches Zara with bigger and bigger eyes. Zara smiles at her. As her Aura is covering the girls she releases the connection to the Earth’s powers. “Thank you! Blessed be Mother Earth!”

“They can’t find you now!” “I know!” Alaana smiles. “How…..?!” “I just know. Sometimes I just know things!” It’s Zara’s turn to smile now. “Yes me too!”….


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