…. she can see the sky….

….. getting lighter over the trees. She sits down in front of the oval entrance of the cave and tunes in the earth’s energy. “Time to hide my traces!”
An hour later the sun is up. It got colder through her meditation while the sun came up but she enjoys the warmth of it now.
“What are you doing?” the low but pleasant voice of Alaana makes her turn around. “I meditated!” “How do you do that? We are not allowed to!” “Well you just sit down and listen to your breath for the beginning. Just feel what is in and around you and make sure you do not lead your breath. You will know the rest when it is time!” The girl gives her a strange look. “I better don’t do that!” “Why?” “I might end up somewhere else!” “What do you mean!” “I felt all that panic inside of me and then I ended up here!” “Hmmmm but it saved you!” “Maybe!” The girls face shows fear. Zara gets up and gives her a shy hug. “You are safe now!” “But I don’t know if that happens again if I go somewhere again!” “Well you only did that once and it is something that most people need years to train. It won’t happen that easily!” “But it wasn’t me!” “Who do you think it was then?” “I don’t know!” “Why is it so difficult for you to accept that you have that ability?” “You get burnt for it??!” Zara shivers. She knew that there are people out there who imprison followers of the energy teachings but burning them? “Are you a catahecascan?” Alaana just nods. Zara hugs the girl again. “I’ll take care that you stay safe!” but she doesn’t have a clue how to. ….

Zara watches the girl….

…. lay down and curl in between the dog. “no need to sleep it is nearly morning” she thinks. “well I ran away from one task just to meet the next! Who is she and what kind of dog is that?” She crawls back to the entrance. ” I can feel their energies better here!” But theirs are nearly as well hidden than hers. ” the elders will take care of them but they will be a threat. How can the catahecascans hide their traces so well? I thought they refuse all energy teachings?…..


Zara says. They sit quietly and listen as they hear horses from far. Alaana starts shivering and the dog curls closer around her. Zara takes her arm around the girl. “Just stay silent. They wont find us” she whispers. She feels the girl’s body tighten as the horses come to an halt in front of the little forest. “I can feel something here!” a deep voice says. “Oh you and your feelings. You know they have seen her in the mountains! That’s where we are going straight away!” another higher voice said and they rode on…..