"they haven’t been yet…..

…… where I come from.” Zara says while getting the bread out of her bag. Alaana looks astonished while grabbing a piece of it. “My people live high in the mountains and we know how to hide!” Zara takes a jar of honey from where the bread was and holds her hand out for Alaana’s bread. The girl gives it to her and Zara drops a dollop of honey on the bread. “Take care it’s dropping down” Alaana licks on all sides of the bread at once. “Why are you here? You left protection??” “Uhm my granny died and I should have done tasks I am not up for” “hmmmm”” Alaana seems to enjoy the bread. “And how did you end up here?” “I don’t really know!” Alaana starts shivering. “You don’t need to answer if you don’t want to!” “I really don’t know. All I can remember is that all these men came into my village. I hid in the cupboard but one of them found me he reached out and suddenly there was the dog leading me here! But it was not on real paths. We kind of travelled somewhere else” “She travelled instantly with a familiar?” Zara just stares at the girl……


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