After a long ….

….. while Zara strokes the girls hair:” I am sorry I didn’t mean to take your dog. But she just came to me and showed me the way!” “I know that is what she is doing!” The girl’s looks at her with red rimmed eyes. “What is she doing?” Zara sits back upright. “She is leading the way. She was in my dreams. She told me that she is my dog but I did not believe her until….” Again the girl curls up close to the dog.
 “I am Zara by the way!” Zara smiles back and she feels good to smile again after such a long time. “My name is Alaana!” “Nice to meet you!” Zara just sits for a while and watches the girl and the dog. They seem one unit. Like the wise ones with their familiars. Zara hears a little gurgling noise.  “Shall we make a fire and something to eat?” “Oh yes!” Alaana sits up and smiles shyly. “Oh no we can’t!” She hides behind the rock again. “Why not?!” Zara tries to reach out to her but the big dog gets up. “They are there!” “Oh dear” Zara thinks. “They are already here. I can’t believe it!” “Well we are in a cave and there are loads of trees around. They won’t see!” she says. “NO! They will know! The girl is adamant. “Well” Zara sighs “Then at least lets sit together and have some bread. I also have some butter and honey. Will that be enough?” The girls head turns up behind the dog and she nods enthusiastically. …..


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