Zara doesn’t know….

if she should laugh or hide. “Uhm” she just stands there “She is with me since yesterday. She kind of lead me along. I did not know that she is your dog! It just felt kind of…..”  “like she is there to lead and protect you!” The girl finishes Zara’s sentences and then turns around and hugs the great dog which stood up behind her. She literally clings to it and starts sobbing. Zara doesn’t move. The dog looks reproachful at her. “Don’t….” she doesn’t finish. Not sure what to do she carefully comes closer. The girl just sits there sobbing and hugging the dog. “It will be alright – it will all be alright!” Zara says feeling strange. She remembers all her upset days when no one was there to say something like this to her. She feels false.
But the girls hand searches for hers and so she holds it gently.


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