Zara (This is were the story starts)

She was exhausted. Just fell in a nest like hole in the ground. Didn’t check for animals or if she could be seen. Just fell asleep. She had walked for hours to get away. She ran, she climbed but she did not stop. Just got away. She was gone. Her Nan was gone and now everyone expected her to lead the people. From an early age she was trained to do so. That was her fate. No one asked if she wanted to. They had asked her mother who was supposed to be the leader before her but she vanished. They did not talk about her. The little lonely girl cried for her mum. Cried every night. Cried herself into sleep. She did not feel her nan come along and cry with her. The Council had decided that she had to become strong and deal with grief and sorrow on her own. She had to lead the people. The line must go on no matter what. But her nan knew better and unknown to her granddaughter stayed with her every night hidden behind the dark blue curtain with all those little stars that covered her bed from the ceiling to the floor. Her nan believed that her own aura would cover her and help her to get through it.
And so she did. Kind of. She protected herself from the beginning. She learned everything there was to learn for protection and hiding. The elders did not suspect anything. She was supposed to protect her people. Learning all there is was a good sign for her to be the great leader who were predicted in the prophesies. And when she showed signs of being able to connect to the other world they were enthusiastic. 
But no one ever asked her. No one ever thought about the lonely little girl behind that mask of an intelligent, ambitious young woman. 

But that was yesterday. Today she feels the energies flowing through her body and she is calm now. She feels her presence in both worlds. The elders are angry. She can feel their minds searching for her but she is prepared. They should know that they will not be able to find her. She smiles.

Suddenly a big wet something touches her hand. She opens her eyes and gently strokes the head of a huge grey dog.A scruffy but still majestic female pulling Zara away from the ancient stone circle. The autumn wind blows little branches and wet leaves which colours are already gone through the huge entrance Stones carved with ancient symbols.”Not so fast. I haven’t finished!” Zara closes her eyes again and tunes into the energy flows around her. She can feel the minds of the elders. She also feels the grounding energies of mother earth that will hide her. They shift. So she has to tune in regularly to stay hidden. She shifts her own energy signature into the earth energies and then follows the dog along the nearly washed away chalk path. It winds down into the valley slowly changing into a greyish stone path…….